Caucasoid Phenotypic Variation

September 11, 2006

Taking a cue from Dienekes, I used morphing software and available photos of national soccer teams to assess the average phenotypes of Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, the Greater Middle East, and finally Caucasoids as a whole. Here are the results:

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From these images we can confirm much of what's already known about Caucasoids:

1) Swedes and Dutch are more Nordic than Germans, who have a strong Alpine component; and Britons are distinguished from all by the Mediterranean elements in their population.

2) Likewise, Spaniards and Portuguese are more Mediterranean than Italians and Greeks, who both have Alpine and Dinaric elements in their make-up.

3) Eastern Slavs (Ukrainians) show the Baltic/Uralic "Slavic look" more prominently than western Slavs (Poles/Czechs) and southern Slavs (Serbians/Croatians), who resemble their non-Slavic neighbors.

4) Despite much crossbreeding with the spread of Islam, three Middle Eastern Mediterranean types are well-defined: Irano-Afghan of Iran, Orientalid Arabian, and Berberid Tunisian of North Africa.

5) The average Caucasoid looks, well, average — he could fit in just about anywhere; and the four constituent composites have distinctive looks that sharply delineate their respective regions.


Unknown said...

I don't get it ... how come almost all the dudes are so good-looking?

Racial Reality said...

Because they're averages, and averages are more attractive. See this study for an explanation.

Unknown said...

Wow, pretty fascinating.

Are there similar images for other races too?

Racial Reality said...

Not made by me, but here are some Miss Universe composites someone posted on Flickr:

You can also check out these sites, which have applications you can play around with:

Unknown said...

To Douglas, I'm not gay or anything, but I've noticed that soccer players have a tendency to be good looking guys. I don't know why. And these composites were made from these athletes.

Shawn said...

Thanks for this. Saw your comment over at Sailer's blog in response to mine.

Iulia B said...

In what category are romanians and bulgarians in?

Anonymous said...

Why weren't the levantians , Syrians, lebanese and palestinians included, we are a subgroup not presented here.

GDBigs said...

Am I the only one who finds the mixed Caucasoid face at the end the most attractive? ;)