November 11, 2004

After years of listening to Nordicists divide Italy into a "white" North and a "bi-racial" South, and more recently hearing several Northern Italian racialists parrot this nonsense in the context of their separatist goals, I finally got fed up and created a whole sub-page on the issue. It's a companion piece to my page on Italians, though like the sub-page on Sicilians, it's meant to stand alone.


Northern Italian supremacists, who call their region Padania, are a subset of White Nationalists who equate themselves with blond Germans, and disparage their Southern compatriots as dark "Arabs" and "Africans". They've also been known to attack Greeks, Balkans, Spaniards, Portuguese and anyone else who reminds them of their Southern European heritage. While the evidence that follows thoroughly dispels their neo-Nazi fantasies, it must be stressed that none of it intends to malign Northern Italians, but only to refute this minority of nationalists who draw false racial, cultural and historical distinctions between Northern and Southern Italy.

Table of Contents:

  • Politics
  • History
  • Anthropology
  • Genetics
  • Racial Types
  • Economics
  • Culture