Cavalli-Sforza Believes in Race

July 31, 2005

Geneticist Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sfroza likes to toe the left-wing party line by denying the existence of race and promoting anti-racism with oft-quoted statements like these:

The classification into races has proved to be a futile exercise. [...] [My research is] expected to undermine the popular belief that there are clearly defined races, [and] to contribute to the elimination of racism. [...] The idea of race in the human species serves no purpose.

But his less-often quoted description of the genetic map from his book The History and Geography of Human Genes belies the "official" position he publicly endorses:

The color map of the world shows very distinctly the differences that we know exist among the continents: Africans (yellow), Caucasoids (green), Mongoloids (purple), and Australian Aborigines (red). The map does not show well the strong Caucasoid component in northern Africa, but it does show the unity of the other Caucasoids from Europe, and in West, South, and much of Central Asia.

There may be other scientists who put up a PC front like this to keep controversy at bay. But unfortunately, they provide ammunition to uninformed laymen with an anti-race agenda.



dave said...

Yea, the protocol, PC sucks. Its the same deal regarding the, "archaic admixture" in Africans. No one wants to be the one to say, "homo erectus" !

Humantruthadvocator said...

I'm afraid this is all wrong. I'm afraid "Race Deniers" are right, there simply is no race. I'll let this: do all the talking. Humans are not a tree, but a Trellis instead. But I appreciate the fact this website doesn't sell any superiority nonsense from what I've seen.