Tanned vs. Natural

August 18, 2004

People desperate for "evidence" of racial admixture in certain groups ignore the effects that a hot climate and prolonged sun exposure can have on phenotype. On my Skin Color page, I show some contrasts of Southern Europeans very tanned and then naturally colored. Here are a few more.

Salvatore Commesso (Italian):

Rui Costa (Portuguese):

Maria Grazia Cucinotta (Sicilian):

[ Note sharp tan lines at bottom of left image (click to view full) ]


Christian Alexander Tietgen said...

Thanks, very interesting.

Anonymous said...

I have read many sections of your site over the past couple days. In your analysis of tanning, you forgot one important factor.

When Aryan people tan, their skin turns Golden. When Mongrel peoples tan their skin turns dirt brown. The term Aryan itself comes from this unique quality. As people are mixed, the Gold is gradually diluted and lost.

Your pictoral analyses are very good. I would be interested to see a section about this distinction, and hear your thoughts on this topic.