Italian Anthropology 2

November 4, 2019

Google disabled my Italianthro account and locked me out of it. I think it might be related to this widespread issue (which Google isn't doing shit to fix) but I never found out for sure because there is no customer support. You can fill out forms to try to unlock or restore your account, but you only get auto-generated messages. You never get a reply from a real person you can talk or ask questions to.

I don't know if that account will ever be restored, so for now I've reposted everything to this account. All of the URLs should be the same as before (i.e. post title and date) except for one letter in the name: antro now has an Italian spelling with no 'h'.

Let me know if you find any broken links or other issues.

P.S. You can also access Wayback archives of the old blog (and comments), which should work forever no matter what else happens.


Latinus said...

The only problem regarding the archieve blog is that the comments can't be acessed.

Aitor said...

Hello, I was wondering what the blog author's views are concerning a recent genetic study on ancient Rome/central Italy:

It might be worth a post. The 11 pre-Imperial Roman/Etruscan samples apparently tend slightly more "north" or Spanish/French than modern Romans, and while discussion is centering around near eastern arrivals, the Greek element is likely at play.

Best regards